Top Ten Winter Weather Tips!

As much as we don’t want to admit it, winter is on its way! Drellishak’s has some excellent tips to keep you driving well in Cleveland winters:

  1. Change your oil. Generally, you’ll need thinner oil in the winter
  2. Check the ratio on your engine coolant (antifreeze). In the winter it should be 60/40.
  3. Check your battery. A simple way is by turning on your headlights before you start your engine. Then turn your engine on — if the lights get brighter, your battery may be dying. Also, check battery cables for cracks and breaks. Ask your mechanic to check the battery fluid.
  4. Change your washer fluid and windshield wipers. Buy washer fluid with an antifreeze solution and replace your wipers every 6-12 months, depending on wear and tear.
  5. Get a basic tune-up every 30,000 miles. Check belts, hoses, ignition, brakes, wiring, fan belts, spark plugs, air, fuel and emission filters and the PCV valve.
  6. Check your defroster and heater. Also check for air leaks around doors and windows.
  7. Check your tires. Check for air pressure, and check tread for wear and tear.
  8. Check your 4-wheel drive and know how to use it. Ask if you don’t know how.
  9. Keep you gas tank 1/4-1/2 full. Cold weather can cause condensation to form in a near empty take, causing water to drip into the tank and sink to the bottom. It can then travel and freeze in your fuel lines.
  10. Have a de-icer handy (home/purse/briefcase). It’s not uncommon for car doors to freeze shut in the winter. Warm water or glycerin will work in a pinch.

These tips will help keep you driving and out of the cold!